Five Natural Tips to Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair Forever

When you become a mother your priorities change. Their proper care becomes your main goal. Most of the moms wish for a fair skin for their babies from the time they get pregnant. I have some natural tips which can help you in keeping your baby look fair and glowing forever. Because your child’s skin is very delicate and sensitive so using natural methods are the best ways to get beneficial results.

Follow the five natural ways to bless your baby with fair and glowing skin.

Hot oil massage:

Hot oil massage for baby

Hot oil massage not only gives stronger bones and relaxed muscles to your baby but it has many other benefits too.  Everyday massage with hot oil provides an extra layer of moisturization and helps to maintain the proper balance of oil in the delicate skin of your child.  You will surely get the desired result with the regular massage of your little one as your baby’s skin will glow and also attain a mild pinkish shade. Remember, if your baby has a dry skin, this is unlikely to happen.  So, try to give hot oil massage to your baby every day after the bath.  Almond oil and olive oil are the two best essential oils for massaging your child.

Accurate Bathing Temperature:

It is very important to expose your baby’s skin to the right water temperature otherwise unregulated water temperature may harm the sensitive skin of your little angel.  So, you need to use lukewarm water to wash the face and body of your child. Bathing in extremely hot or cold water can make your baby’s skin dull and darker.  In order to avoid such circumstances, you must check the temperature of the bathing water of your kid.

Baby scrub:

Babies too have hair on all over their body including face.  These hair have weaker roots so we can remove them through scrubbing. Homemade scrubs are the best option for the sensitive and delicate skin of your baby.  You can make a mixture of chickpea, rose water, milk, baby oil and some grounded gram pulse. Apply this mixture on the skin of baby and rub it very gently. It will scrub away all the impurities and unwanted hair of your baby. Also, it will increase the radiance and improves the complexion of your baby, making him/her look fairer.

 Mild Body Pack:

Your little angel needs special care of her sensitive skin. So, applying a mild body pack on your baby’s skin surface once in a week will definitely give you better results.  You can prepare this body pack at home by mixing turmeric, sandalwood paste, saffron with a little bit of raw milk. Apply it on your baby’s body and leave it for 10 minutes and wipe it slowly with cotton.  It will give soft, smooth and fair skin tone to your kid and keep away all the skin infections from your baby.

Say no to soap:

Say no to soap for baby's

Instead of using ordinary soaps, you can use glycerin baby bars and product containing less amount of sodium.  Harsh soaps can harm your baby’s delicate skin. It can lead to skin peeling and dry the skin out.  In order to make your toddler’s skin glowing and fair, you can also use homemade bath pack of raw milk and rose water. It will keep dullness, dryness and darkness at bay.

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